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    Aegon- National Damage prevention program


    Task: 86% of the Hungarian population has encountered property damage. According to experts 75% of these could be prevented. Aegon, the market leader in property insurance was looking for a CSR framework, to increase Aegon’s brand perception (consideration and preference).

    Challenge: The Hungarian public lacks relevant and credible information on appropriate property protection measures. Meanwhile property damage is increasing on a yearly basis. Aegon believed that a preventive communication campaign can aid this situation. But how to achieve credibility?

    Solution: Together with Aegon we created a complex CSR program that was launched in 2012 and has been successfully running since then. We created „The National Damage Prevention Program” a multi-partner program to address the issue of property protection and educate the population. The success of the program was largely due to the fact that we were able to get highly credibile partners to endorse the program, such as:

    • National Police
    • National Crime Prevention Council
    • Nationwide Civil Self Defense Organization
    • The Geophisical and Geodesia Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences

    The campaign was a 360o integrated campaign, in order to reach the population on a large number of channels.

    Implementation: During the campaign large number of activities were developped in collaboration with the partner organisations:

    • „The Big Property Test”: an online survey on one of the biggest news portals (origo.hu)
    • „Property Damage Prevention Minutes”: on TV and radio and You Tube
    • „Act today for tomorrow” Facebook page
    • „10 minutes for our prperty”: forums for the public in shopping malls
    • DM to own customers
    • Information leaflets distributed by the partner organisations and Aegon representatives, content based on „The Big Property Test”

    Direct impact :
    Media publications : 400+ articles
    Reach: 49,173,316 people (population 10 million)
    Impact on brand: Significant increase was measured in both Brand consideration and preference from 2012 to 2014



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