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    Coca-Cola I love Duna


    Task:  For Coca Cola HBC water is a key material in the production. Supporting water quality and especially the Danube river in Hungary has been a priority for the company. The environmental protection professionals has a high esteem for the company’s efforts, but it has always been a challenge to show the company’s commitment to the wide public.

    Challenge: How can we create a CSR campaign that is not only interesting for the environmental savvy, but for the wide public as well – especially for the people living ont he coast?

    Solution: We launched the „I love Duna” project.
    We partnered with the National authority for public health and involved seven municipalities on the coast line.

    We created the first general water quality measurement: the measurement of water quality was developped by the national authority and executed the same way in all participating municipalities. But to involve the public as well we created an Instagram campaign entitled „I love Duna”- and encouraged the public to show what they like in the river on photos under the hashtag #iloveduna

    Results: The biggest result is that thanks to the general water quality measurement it was proven that a new beach can be opened in one of the participating municipalities.

    • Reach: 2 700 000
    • 964 uploads on Instagram
    • Thanks to the great qulaity of the photos we could organise an exhibition that was visited by 45.000 people



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