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    Domestos School program

    Task: Misleading news on chlorine products are common in the media.Domestos is the market leading brand in Hungary but it has become a challenge to emotionally engage consumers.
    Challenge: Domestos is a chlorine product, it is extremely difficult to create emotional engagement to it and communicate the brand in a positive context.

    Solution: We created the Domestos School program. A cause related marketing program was also launched in parallel, in which after each product bought during the camapign period a small amount was offered to the „School Program”. The funds were collected and used for the renovation of selected school toilets.

    1. We brought the topic on the agenda with non-branded communication. Created “The Big Hygiene Test” on the biggest portal (Index.hu) and communicated shocking test results in press releases
    2. Branded PR phase started with launch of the cause related marketing program and partnership with the National Public Health and Medical Officer Service, government agency that runs all the public schools in Hungary and a leading NGO for parents. The wide public was also able to participate in the selection of schools for rewnovation: 4 locations were proposed by the government agency and one location was chosen through public vote on biggest online portal
    3. We kept the topic on the agenda
    • Organized a roundtable discussion with all parties involved on disinfection
    • Ensured on-going media coverage with new press releases on hygiene
    • Renovation works video published & press event organized in a newly renovated school attended by the Minister of State of Public Education


    • Research showed that Domestos promotion had the highest spontaneous awareness among all “child related” type campaigns
    • No negative articles
    • 42 000 respondents the Big Hygiene Test (av sample 400)
    • Total media reach 15 685 610 (1,5x Hungarian population)



    Tel: +36 1 787 4408


    1024 Budapest,
    Ady Endre u. 24.