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    Heineken- Good Deed


    Task: HEINEKEN Hungary is strongly committed to Hungary, but has not run big programmes to establish its reputation in this respect. It owns the most popular beer brand, Soproni. We were looking for a way to show the brand’s commitment to the country and at the same time be in line with its „Optimism” creative platform.

    Challenge: Beer brands usually support sports and football in particular. How can we find a cause that is more relevant than sports?

    Solution: Unemployment is the biggest social issue in Hungary (and also the root cause of other big social issues). Therefore Soproni decided to take action to decrease unemployment by launching a complex, multi partner program. The program also involved a cause related marketing element.

    Partners and scheme:

    • NGO (Hungarian Interchurch Aid): they run employment programs since the 90’s
    • Consumers: with the purchase of glasses of beer, a donation was made
    • Government officials: as the program evolved several key politicians endorsed it, including the First Lady, three Secretaries of State and a Mayor
    • HEINEKEN Hungaria: the program’s owner, but also a beneficiary, as a close cooperation was formed with the NGO (coaching, workshops, volunteering, etc.)
    • High media coverage throughout the campaign was ensured by the campaign events:
    • Launch of the campaign: press conference
    • Collection of donations: throughout the summer
    • Campaign mid-time: mega-counter placed in central Budapest to show real-time the amount of the donations
    • Closing event (beer festival) in a city in East Hungary (where unemployment is the biggest), with the presence of the First Lady, the donation handed over to the NGO

    Results: The cause related marketing campaign was a major success: over 100 million HUF was collected, that almost tripled the budget of the NGO’s program
    The campaign gained the support and endorsement of key political actors:

    • First Lady
    • Secretary of State for Employment
    • Minister of State for Sports and Youth
    • Minister of State for National Economy
    • Minister of State at the Ministry of National Development
    • Mayor of Szolnok.

    Media coverage:
    EARNED MEDIA TOTAL: 128 Article – TV, Radio, Print, Online
    GROSS REACH: 10.325.995 PEOPLE» More than the total population of Hungary



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