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    Krio Institute Sperm Bank

    Task: The Krio Institute is Hungary’s biggest sperm bank. In Hungary there are 150.000 infertile couples – and in some cases only donation can be a solutoion. However the number of donors is extremely low. With a budget of approx. 3000 EUR we had to considerably increase the number of donors.

    Solution: We created a strategy to target the well-educated, urban, young target group – that has an immediate effect on donor numbers. So we changed the perspective of communication: we did not talk about the society or the suffering families, but instead told the story from the target group’s perspective: what is in it for you? We created our own site and created a very masculin visual for the campaign.We boosted the communication on Facebook and the highest reach online portals.

    Results: After 2 weeks of the campaign there were 16 times more donors than in the whole year in the previous year! The average time spent on the website was 15 minutes and 3.43 pages were downloaded ont he average. A kampány indulása után a második hét végére tizenhatszor(!) annyian jelentkeztek, mint 2010-ben egész évben. A laborkapacitás ezt a tömeget nem bírta, ezért a kampányt két hét után felfüggesztettük. A weboldalon átlagosan 15 percet töltöttek a látogatók és átlagosan 3,43 oldalt töltöttek le, két hét alatt 13 522 látogatás volt.  A két kérdőívet összesen több mint hétezren töltötték ki.



    Tel: +36 1 787 4408


    1024 Budapest,
    Ady Endre u. 24.