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    Task: Milumil junior drink is the market leader among children aged 12-36 months. Its competitive advantage is the fact that only two glasses a day cover the 70% of daily Vitamin D need for children. However while Vitamin C was well-known in the target audience, the awareness of Vitamin D was significantly lower. Our task was to build up Vitamin D awareness so the competitive advantage of the product can be translated into business result.

    Solution: We positioned Vitamin D as similarly essential as Vitamin C and built up the communication gradually to ensure an efficient call to action.
    We partnered with an independent professional organisation, the Hungarian Primer Prevention Medical Association who acted as spokespeople of the campaign. We also worked with celebrity bloggers as endorsers and had a Facebook campaign and a website.

    Results: The number of Google searches for Vitamin D doubled in the camapign period, we had over 115 media appearences. The campaign was a major success, both the category and Milumil grew considerably, the brands growth pace was double of that of the category. In addition to this the media reported that Vitamin D became out of stock in pharmacies after the 3rd week of the campaign.



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