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    Nescafé Space Travel

    Task: Hungarians prefer roasted coffee to instant coffee. The instant coffee’s market share is 36%, while only 20% of the Hungarian population consumes instant coffee on a daily basis.

    Nescafé developed “Nescafé and coffee positively” platform that educate Target Audience about coffee from planting to health implication on human body in order to position Nescafé as a coffee expert and a love brand.

    Our objective was twofold:
    1. to generate awareness about the question of sustainable coffee plantations, and secondly
    2. we wanted to strengthen the image of Nescafé as an innovative love brand by getting customers hooked through a local twist.

    Challenge: A 2010 study indicates that 86% of consumers don’t know that instant coffee contains 100% real coffee, and there is a belief that this type of coffee is “artificial” and it contains additives. Nescafé is market leader in instant segment.

    Solution: Our idea was to organize a PR stunt with a local twist based on the unique history of Nescafé (first coffee in space). So as „International Day of Human Space Flight” was a good moment to draw attention of danger of future coffee consumption: We teamed up with scientists from Hungarian Space Project Team and delivered a Nescafé Plant in a Nescafé Barista can to the space – a unique event in Hungary!

    Key messages: future coffee consumption in danger & Nescafé is 100% coffee

    Tactics: Because of the singularity of this event, we contacted one of the leading commercial TV channels of Hungary, TV2 and offered and exclusive footage right to them of the “space plant mission”

    The mission was an absolute success:

    • Coffee plant and Barista can did make the journey to space with extremely low budget
    • the spacecraft landed near the simulated place
    • the cameras survived the landing and recorded almost 18 hours of footage that we were able to use in the news and on our own channels

    Results: Exclusive broadcast by the most viewed Hungarian TV channel in its evening news (TV2)! Its reach is more than 1 million viewers. The Nescafé trip had further appearances in top tier media: such as origo.hu, leading news portal (reach 1.570.300), hvg.hu, leading economic portal (reach 659.000). Furthermore 14 other online media reported about the event, making the reach of our stunt almost 4 million (3 912 429 – the population of Hungary is 10 million!)
    Extremely high returns on project: with only 1600 USD we managed to have a value of media appearances worth 22.000 USD (14X return)!



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