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    Rudas Thermal Baths

    Task: While Hungary is the capital of spas, it is also world leader in muscoloskeletal dieseases and the young generation is becoming more and more affected. So our task was to publicize spa culture among the young urban target audience and especially the Rudas spa, which has a unique panorama from its rooftop pool.

    Challenge: How can we reach the target audience with our message after the summer season?

    Solution: We created a guerilla activity, when the weather turned chilly in November we set-up an open air pool in Budapest’s party district with a huge panorama picture that showed the panorama visible from the Rudas spa terrace. Our hosts and hostesses went in the pool and asked passersbys to join in and make selfies with them. The video of the event also went viral.

    Results: Total reach:9 870 000 Several major national and Budapest based media outlets covered the event, especially those most relevant to the target audience.



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