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    Task: Sanofi is the market leader in insulin treatment in Hungary. Our task was to create an internal campaign for Sanofi employees on diabetes while emotionally engaging them.

    Solution: The World Diabetes Day was an excellent communication opportunity. We built our campaign on a quasi unique strength Sanofi has compared to other employees in Hungary: it operates an own kindergarten for the kidds of its employees!
    So we launched a „Story competition” among our own employees and the best dozen of stories was read out to the kids in the kindergarten. The children created illustrations and we published the story collection in a book together with the drawings.
    We also organised a Diabetes Family day for children with diabetes, with football match (the DiaEuro team was playing), chef corner, diatetic counselling and a discussion with a professor on diabetics in childhood. The participants received the storybook as a gift of the Sanofi employees. The employees received a photo documentation of the event as a memory.

    Results: The storybook became so succesful, that the Hungarian Diabetes Society used it further for education purposes! The employees had a lot of good memories of the campaign and are still able to recall it when asked.



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