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    Telekom – Become an IT professional campaign

    Task: Make the IT profession more attractive for young people

    Challenge: There are 20,000 IT vacancies in Hungary today, with companies competing with one another for IT professionals, leading to HUF 200-300 billion annual losses in GDP. There is a lack of students and applicants for IT careers in Hungary.

    Solution: Telekom, T-Systems and the ICT Association of Hungary created the “Become an IT specialist!” program, aimed at creating future IT specialists. As part of the program, Telekom experts volunteer to show elementary and high school students what it means to become an IT specialist.

    Our plan was built on 2 pillars:

    First pillar was to find relevant Generation Z ideas and a communication channel that can work as a trigger to drive their attention to the program, to the issue.

    • We contacted Gameday (most popular YouTubers of the moment in Hungary) and asked them to live without information technology for a full day (the challenge) and create a video of their day. Considering that we use IT several hundred times a day without even realizing it, it was a tremendous effort for YouTubers to complete the challenge. They documented their day in a video.

    PR communication

    • We presented the film to the press at an IT class in a highschool, viewed by both the students and the journalists. The short version of the Gameday office YouTube film was screened at the press conference.
    • In order to break down stereotypes about the IT profession – also scheduled for the press conference – we created spectacular and awareness-raising infographics together with Index (Hungary’s leading online news portal with 1,5 million daily visits) in a native-content media cooperation, that were user-friendly for young people as well. The infographics showed the economic role of information technology, from how it contributes to the GDP all the way to how many people work in the Hungarian IT sector and how much money they earn.
    • “Become an IT specialist” campaign webpage and FB pages were launched, supporting the entire program with regular content.


    • Over 113,000 views of Gameday’s video (98% of signed users and 70% users watched the whole challenge)
    • Infographics has become one of the most effective native pieces of Index (the biggest and most popular news portal in Hungary): outperforming pledged reach by 122 %, average time spent on article exceeded 9 minutes. This is double the time (the average Index reader spent 2-4 minutes on an article)
    • Following the press conference, 43 highly relevant articles in terms of target groups were published with a positive tone of voice. The biggest two Hungarian TV channels broadcast about the conference (reaching half of the Hungarian population during evening news). Radio channels, and the most popular online portals offered a series of reports about the program. The 2 biggest online portals in Hungary (reaching 3 million people – approx. 30% of Hungarian population) covered the topic in detail. Economic and education related portals also found the topic interesting and kept it on agenda for a longer period.
    • Numerous major interviews were carried out, and through the program, Telekom’s image as a responsible company was increased in an area that has not received enough attention before.
    • Already in the first two months, over 3,000 young people have participated in the program, and the number of schools signing up for the program is growing. The interest is so high, that by the end of year there is no further vacancies.
    • The webpage and FB page became so popular that Telekom prolonged the operation of the 2 media outlets.



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