Market Access & Entry Strategy

Stakeholder Management

Our experts help enterprises understand the local environments and advise clients on the regulatory framework and legislation, local policy, economic and government strategy, political scenarios, competitors, potential risks, and information on key stakeholders and on possible business- and/or reputational issues.

We monitor and analyze the markets over extended timelines, cover online and offline information sources, conduct research and interviews, develop and manage media relations and survey the social media environment.

While each company has its own unique story, that narrative must be told in a way that is relevant for local stakeholders. For one, a deep understanding of the local environment is a must in order to advance your interests. That includes insight on employee organisations, influential competitors and NGOs. We support our clients in policy-related engagement, comprehending the markets through both research, attendance at local industry events, and affiliations with local associations. Our experts advise our clients on government strategies, policies, oversight and approval processes.

We have been managing crisis situations for decades for our global clients in the

  • FMCG,
  • Pharma,
  • Financial,
  • Aviation,
  • Energy,
  • Telecommunications,
  • and IT sectors.
When handling a crisis local knowledge and stakeholder networks are indispensable. We’ve advised clients in product- and production-related issues, factory closures, industrial catastrophes, health-related crisis situations and major regulatory events, too.

Our services range from strategy to execution, including research, message development, media training and media management and social crisis management. We also perform post-crisis impact evaluation and offer regular online and offline crisis simulation training for our clients.