Creative history

The Esterházy Hungary Foundation is the legacy of a family with a history of 400 years. Its mission is to pass on the Esterházy legacy for future generations. But the number of visitors of their historical sites fell short of expectations, especially among young people. The challenge was clear: let’s prove them that history is fun! This is how the idea of the Esterházy Creative History Competition was born.

The Competition was launched among high school students in 2016. It's a competition that promotes appreciation of positive historical figures and show how to approach young people and tell history through creative content - all through the use of digital tools and social media - to make it closer to the young audiences. It encourages them to do individual research, to work in group and use a creative approach towards that aim.

The 2019/2020 tournament dared to go fully digital. They were challenged to create an imaginary 19th century online news site design, a Facebook page and an Instagram profile for someone who lived in the 19th century. So, they became real historical influencers. Their Instagram profiles and contents were created live on Instagram.

Already in the first two years after the launch of the competition the number of visitors of Esterházy Foundation’s historical sites increased by 87%.