Sneezing Citylights

Sanofi recognized that the extremely low flu vaccination coverage is a national health issue in Hungary, since based on the results of research, most people think they can avoid getting the flu by simply “paying”. The main public places where flu can be transmitted are public transportation-related, therefore it can affect nearly everybody.

We created Hungary’s first interactive “Sneezing citylight”, which was placed in a tram stop by the busiest line in Hungary (420,000 passengers daily). To convey our message effectively, we asked a well-known singer – who belongs to the risk group as a diabetic, therefore he is eligible for free vaccination – to star on our poster.

Unsuspecting bystanders saw a seemingly normal ad, but when they got closer to the poster, he suddenly “sneezed” on them. The poster was presented at an unusual press conference with the deputy state secretary in charge of chief medical officer tasks and the chief deputy director of National Institute of Public Health.