Uniomedia worked on a project with Rowenta in 2019. The main goal of the project was to strengthen brand awareness, to take a step up from mainstream to the premium level in personal care market and to create buzz around quality product usage.
What makes us feel good about ourselves in our everyday lives? Whether we are home, at work or travelling somewhere hair is the most important part of the look - the results of Rowenta’s Great Hungarian Hair Research revealed as part of our campaign.
As our hairstyle has the biggest effect on our self-confidence even during a short holiday/long weekends, we equipped Airbnb apartments in Budapest with the beloved Rowenta Hair products. We created the chain of Rowenta Hairbnb (Rowenta Hajlak, 100 apartments).
„Now we can leave our hair styling tools at home when we travel!” was the main topic of the press event organized around Rowenta personal care products. Almost 20 lifestyle journalists, bloggers, beauty influencers, results of the survey, tips and tricks, and all the hot topics about hair and Rowenta tools.
Our event, messages and tutorial videos reached the targeted audience through high number of top Tier 1 lifestyle and mainstream media coverage. Beauty influencers were involved in the whole communication campaign.