Slow TV

As a result of the coronavirus epidemic and the quarantine situation, the role of online communication and solutions has become even more important than before. Telekom has been at the forefront of the #digitalalliance to help those who were forcibly stuck between the four walls for a couple of weeks from March. The purpose of the unusual, non-stop 24-hour virtual walk was to capture a completely unusual face of Budapest and digitally place on the streets the people who could watch the Slow TV broadcast either through their phones or TVs.

The 24-hour Slow TV show, which debuted in two parts on YouTube on May 13, was inspired by #digitalallience. The virtual walk covers a distance of almost 100 kilometres within the administrative borders of Budapest, which can be completed in more than 150,000 steps in 24 hours.
From the perspective of a pedestrian, it guides the audience non-stop from the downtown streets to the Buda Castle, from the Citadel to the Kopaszi-gát, or from the Normafa at dawn to Gellért Hill.