Don't Drive, Just Call (car service app)

Heineken and Sofőrhívó’s aim was to raise awareness of prudent and responsible alcohol consumption and promote the “If You Drink, Never Drive” campaign. Of course, the question of drinking or driving can also be solved by consuming non-alcoholic products, in which case the answer to both questions can be yes. The newest member of HEINEKEN's non-alcoholic portfolio, Heineken 0,0%, is recommended for lovers of premium beers when they are unable or unwilling to consume alcohol. When making the product, the masters of Heineken brewers made sure that we did not have to compromise on taste or quality - so they offer the original Heineken taste experience in addition to the 0% alcohol content.

The biggest result of the campaign is that the number of Sofőrhívó users and the number of trips ordered has increased tremendously. We have successfully reached the population with the content. As a result of the joint successful campaign, Heineken and the National Police Headquarters signed a memorandum of cooperation in the summer of 2018 for a joint fight against drunk driving.